Nightlife in Krabi – Phi Phi

Most visitors come to Krabi to relax and take in the scenery. While they enjoy a drink in the evenings, there is not much call for wild parties or raucous nightclubs, which can be amply provided by other destinations like Bangkok, Phuket or Koh Pha Ngan. The most exciting nightlife in Krabi can be found on Phi Phi Island (see Krabi bars page), and around Ao Nang, so these are the two places recommended for a big night out.

Night-time entertainment on the mainland for single male visitors can be found mainly in pockets of Ao Nang Beach and parts of Krabi Town. Elsewhere, such as in Koh Lanta, there is nothing at all of this kind.

In general, go go bars are far less common in Krabi than in Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya; they are also far less brazen! Go-go bars, with shows and scantily-dressed dancers do not exist, though female company can be found in Ao Nang beer bars (behind the beach road) and Thai karaoke bars.

In Krabi Town, there are karaoke bars around Soi 2 and Sois 7 and 11 of Maharat Road. Hostesses can be invited to join your table for a drink and maybe a song. In Ao Nang, try Center Point, an entertainment plaza of beer bars tucked behind the main frontage. Each plays loud music and competes with one another for customers.

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The atmosphere here can get quite lively and it’s a good place to come whether you’re male or female. The tourist clientele is usually quite mixed, with couples, singles and groups of friends; both sexes welcome. Two similar areas can be found up Krabi Town Road, not far from McDonald’s. They are the bustling RCA Entertainment soi and Soi Bamboo, slightly farther up. Both have a similar set-up of bright, noisy beer bars and often stay open after hours.

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