Krabi Flights and Timetables

Krabi has a small airport with direct flights from Bangkok, Samui, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore (on and off), as well as charter flights from Europe in the high season. It’s an easier alternative to Phuket airport (90 minutes drive away), with increasing services.

Note that services change with the seasons and it’s advisable to double check these times with the airlines’ online schedules.

Flights from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) to Krabi
Flight Departure Arrive Days
TG241 8:00 9:20 Daily
FD3163 10:40 11:55 Daily
FD3165 13:50 15.10 Daily
TG245 13:50 15:10 Daily
TG249 16:45 18:05 Daily
FD3167 16.50 18.10 Daily

Flights from Krabi to Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport)
Flight Departure Arrive Days
TG242 10.05 11.25 Daily
FD3164 12.25 13.45 Daily
FD3166 15.40 17.05 Daily
TG246 16.00 17:20 Daily
FD3168 18:50 20:10 Daily
TG250 19:00 20:20 Daily

FD: Air Asia (From Don Mueang Airport)
TG: Thai Airways (From Suvarnabhumi Airport)

Flights from Samui to Krabi
Flight Departure Arrive Days
PG265 12:30 13:25 Daily
Flights from Krabi to Samui
Flight Departure Arrive Days
PG266 13:55 14:55 Daily

PG: Bangkok Airways

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Flights from Kuala Lumpur to Krabi
Flight Departure Arrive Days
AK804 13.30 13.45 Daily
Flights from Krabi to Kuala Lumpur
Flight Departure Arrive Days
AK805 14.10 16.25 Daily

FD: Air Asia

Flights from Krabi to Singapore
Flight Departure Arrive Days
TR2183 11.10 13.45 Daily
Flights from Singapore to Krabi
Flight Departure Arrive Days
TR2182 10.00 10.40 Daily

TR: Tiger Airways